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"Gino" was initially designed for pair acrobatics.
It was designed to give a reliable strength, to enable pair acrobatics skills that require confidence in your equipment (for both riders).

I tried to join all of the good things and none of the disadvantages, all in one single frame.
All the frames I went trough, before I decided to design my own, are worth a museum page on it's own!

Titanium was chosen for it's flexibility and strong joints.
It was not chosen to reduce some little amount of weight for pointless reasons (in fact; the weight of this concept is sligtly higher than some other frames made out of aluminium-alloy).

In the future a variant with a less wide fork-crown might appear, meant for street, flatland and freestyle.


Technical details

Material tubes
Grade 9 Ti (3Al-2.5V) from Poland
Material lugs
Grade 5 Ti (6Al-4V) from Poland
Brushed or blashed
Seat tube Ø
25.4 mm
Bearing house size
25 × 37 × 10 mm - meant for double row angular contact ball bearings
860 gram   (measured with a 20" - incl. bolts / bearing housing / grip)



MSRP € TBD,-  (expect something like € 1.250,- incl. 21% V.A.T. but excl. shipping and import taxes-)

The name

Gino Bartali
Gino Bartali
This unicycle frame's name referers to one of the most iconic Italian bicycle racing legends, Gino Bartali, who won editions of the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia before AND after WW2.

Gino Bartali
Gino Bartali
However, what -post-mortem- made him an even bigger hero, is that during WW2 he was smuggling false documents inside his frame, and so helped to escape 800 jews. He was arrested twice, and survived one of Hitlers concentration camps. The 2014 non-fiction movie My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes tells and shows that story. If it was up to him, then he rather was recognized for simply his astonishing accomplishments in bicycling, like his unequaled feat of winning three consecutive mountain stages in the 1948 Tour de France. On and off the bicycle Gino was know as a real gentleman. Bartali was a good climber and a pioneer of derailleur gears.